Do you have a co-worker or boss that you just don't know what to get for their birthday?
How about the need for a special
Anniversary or Valentine's gift?
Want that unique gift that they'll talk about for a long, long time!

Singing telegrams are the perfect gift!

Great for all occasions, these personal performances make everyone's day.
With a little bit of personal information, our performers will customize a visit
with balloons, party favors, props, a memorable act and a special jingle.

Singing Telegrams are great for Kid's Birthday's Too!!!

Your child will love getting a visit from one of our fun characters.

They use information provided by you and will make their birthday extra special.
Lots of characters to choose from including:

*Our headed mascot characters are available, but their heads often obstruct  the sound quality
for larger audiences or public venues.  We suggest choosing one of our talented
performers above to guarantee the best performance.
Some mascot characters do not sing but dance with background music along with the
recipient.  All other gifts are included. Please contact us for details.
See the
Character Visit Page for some of our other characters.
We even have
Eugene/Myrna the Nerds                The Fairies - Libby, Bertha and Hairy
Grim Reaper                                    Mona the Mourner    
Beulah & Bubba the Rednecks     Cupid                   
Nurses/Doctors                                Police Officers
Cher                                                 Marilyn Monroe/Marlilyn MANroe
Holiday Characters                          *Mascot Characters         Clowns and more!