Daisy is a graduate of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Clown College.
She toured with the Ringling Bros. Red Unit and traveled all over the U.S., bringing joy to hundreds of
thousands of people,as she and the rest of the Clown Alley did what they do best; MAKE US LAUGH!

Daisy brings all these things and more every time she performs.
Kids will love her silly magic tricks and balloon animals.
Adults will be amazed as she juggles chainsaws
and razor sharp shards of broken glass.
Well, not really.
She can juggle clubs and balls, but it's still pretty cool!

Each show is customized for your party or function.

Select a half hour, 45 minute, one hour visit or more.

And we can design a special show schedule for your
needs. Juggling, Comedy Magic,
Plate Balancing, Balloon Sculpting,
and much more!!!

Make your party a memorable one with Daisy or one of
her fabulous friends!
We have many wonderful clowns available for all occasions.
Please contact us for pricing and availability

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find out about the CircusFit Program
Featuring Daisy and Friends
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