With American Idol(c) still aworld-wide sensation,
Karaoke is at the top of it's game!
Groups of all ages love grabbing themicrophone
and becoming the star.
Karaoke can be added to almost
any event package!
801-969-9397        info@utahfunnygirl.com
Or have a fun Karaoke Party.
Props, prizes, and games can be included in your
Karaoke Party Package.

The whole group can sing along with the projector
screen and the performers can enjoy the freedom
of wireless microphones.

Thousands of songs to choose from, and our
Karaoke books are easy to read with Title and
Artist listings.
Karaoke Parties are great for Company Events,
Family Reunions, Schools and any other
function that wants to have fun!

Plus your Karaoke Host will also play dance
songs in between singers or during the
visit for extra fun.

Call us today to book your event.